Our coverage enable you to reach over 21.7 million people.

(Fonte: Kantar IBOPE Media EasyMedia4 | GSP, CAM, GRJ, BHZ, POA, SAL e DFE | JUL/2019 A SET/2019 | Emissoras afiliadas a Rede BTN (Exceto emissoras: CAM: CBN AM / SAL: Bahia FM Sul e Radio Baiana (96.5) | GSP (18.760.952) / CAM (1.049.759) / GRJ: (11.129.968) / BHZ (5.113.126) / POA (3.694.719) / SAL (3.418.475) / DFE (2.495.959) / Total 7 mercados (45.662.958) | SEXO-AMBOS | 07-19 | 2a-Dom | ALC30# | UNIV#)

Premium Placement

Only one advertiser per traffic report and testimonials integrated into the news. The listeners attention is on their higher pitch when the traffic report is broadcast, with great advantages for good results.

High reach and high frequency

All ads are rotated to ensure coverage across every radio station delivering effective reach and frequency.

Prime Time

All messages are positioned in the most relevant hours, most in prime time of radio (07am to 09:30am – Noon to 2pm – 5pm to 8pm) for maximum reach.